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  1. Dear Tom, Thanks for all of the inspiring suggestions over the years. After 8 years working in London a move to Manchester has opened my horizons, too. London will always be the world's greatest city, but so many corners of Britain deserve to be explored. Hope you are enjoying it!

  2. Hi Tom,

    I'm a volunteer with the charity Sunday Assembly. We've got a really great event happening next month that I think would be a great 'thing to do'.

    There's a few details below.

    EVENT: London’s ultimate festive singalong returns for the fourth year

    Mass singalong event taking place on Thursday 14 December at the Round Chapel, Hackney
    Event will be hosted by award-winning comedians and Sunday Assembly Founders Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans
    Yule Rock is organised and hosted by Sunday Assembly London – a secular congregation that celebrates life.
    Contact: Ben Sawtell, Communications Action Team, Sunday Assembly London. - 07764 492 308

    02 November 2017, London: Tickets are now on sale for London’s most popular alternative festive singalong, Yule Rock, which is returning for its fourth year.
    Organised by the charity Sunday Assembly, who create secular congregational communities across the world, the event offers a chance for Londoners to come together and celebrate the festive period by singing a mix of contemporary yuletide hits and seasonal classics.

    Benfromlondon @ gmail

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