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3 November 2012

Attend Brockham Bonfire

Brockham Bonfire, in the Surrey village of Brockham near Dorking, is often cited as Britain's biggest Guy Fawkes night celebration and traces its history back to around the 1880s. Today, it is attended by around 20,000 people from the surrounding area and further afield, and the huge bonfire and fireworks display are certainly amongst the most impressive your author has ever seen.

Apart from the stunning bonfire and fireworks displays, one of the most enjoyable parts of the evening is the procession, where the Guy is taken on an hour-long walk around neighbouring hamlets to followed by a band and ordinary people carrying huge numbers of real flaming torches, before the group returns to the green for the Guy to be hoisted on top of the fire and the torchbearers to simultaneously light the huge fire. It's certainly an occasion worthy of attending for those in the area, and anyone within striking distance.

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